London Language Exchange & Social

We hope that you enjoy using our website. If you have any enquiries, complaints or feedback please send us an email.


If you haven’t had a response within 5 working days or the matter is urgent please contact Kurt.

Kurt 0777 857 2684


What is your objective?

The main objective of the group is to practice languages and make new friends. We are a social group so there will be other events organised as well and if there’s anything you want us to organise we can either organise it or assist you to organise it.

Where do you meet and how often?

We meet every Wednesday’s at Zebrano Carnaby for a group social and every Saturday afternoon at Opal Bar from 2.45-5pm for a Language Exchange. There are also other social, cultural and sporting events so keep a close eye on the Events section.

Can you help me find work or/and accommodation?

Yes we can. We have an Accommodation and Jobs section, if ever people have a vacancy for either we will post it on this section.

Why did you start the group?

I love meeting people from all over the world. I love languages and various cultures globally. So, what better way than to create a group where everyone can get together?

Do you offer other languages other than Spanish/French/Italian/German and Portuguese?

At the moment we are just offering these languages on our weekly FREE sessions as they are the most popular ones. However, as we have people from all over the world it is possible to practice other languages, feel free to comment on the blog section and who knows who will reply to it. There is scope for a Russian/English Exchange to commence soon.

Can I organise events?

Yes you can. We are always looking for people to organise events as this group is for you. Please tell us what you want to organise and either it for you or we can assist you to organise it, as long as it is not for your financial gain.

Can I advertise my company on your website?

Yes you can. Although, please tell us about it first and we can discuss it further.

Are your events free?

Yes they are. The only time we may charge is when we have a cost to pay out and even then it is usually a very minimum charge. For example, our Live Music on the Thames event is only £3

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